Corporate Profile

Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc., through its primary operating subsidiary Southwest Gas Corporation, engages in the business of purchasing, distributing and transporting natural gas. In addition, Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. is the majority owner of Centuri Holdings, Inc., which provides comprehensive utility infrastructure services across North America. Southwest Gas Corporation is a dynamic energy company committed to exceeding the expectations of over 2 million customers throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California by providing safe and reliable service while innovating sustainable energy solutions to fuel the growth in its communities.

Environmental Social & Governance


Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. is committed to responsible practices that provide services in a safe and sustainable manner and protect and preserve natural resources. Natural gas service in homes and businesses provides fuel flexibility, enhancing reliability, improving affordability and lowering emissions within the energy system. Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. is committed to continuing to deliver solutions to meet the environmental goals of our customers and communities by providing critical energy infrastructure to power our economy today and into the future.


Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. is dedicated to delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy service to homes and businesses across our service territory. Our public Sustainability Commitment states our goal to create a workplace that is safe, sustainable and inclusive while making a positive, lasting impact on every customer and community we serve.


Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc is committed to effectively mitigating risks, addressing stakeholder interests and building long-term, sustainable value through transparency, management accountability and active oversight from our Board of Directors.

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